¡Excelente experiencia, volveríamos nuevamente!
Ramon Rey La Parguera, Lajas
DANIEL ORTIZ La Parguera, Lajas
Good communication from the host, everything clean and great place to stay.
Alejandro Torres La Parguera, Lajas
Perfect place to be. Very beautiful. Nice views, clean, close to everything. Great service.
Yanira Mercader La Parguera, Lajas
Great Host! Impecable cleanliness.
Marina Diaz La Parguera, Lajas
Argelys Monserrate Cid La Parguera, Lajas
Vanessa Ortiz La Parguera, Lajas
Omar Ramos La Parguera, Lajas

Cayo Enriquito | Beautiful tropical casita located in unique La Parguera, Lajas

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La Parguera, Lajas, PR
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Cayo Enriquito is a beautiful tropical chic wood «casita» located in La Parguera, PR. where you can find nice restaurants, bars, boat rentals, and unique water tours. This 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment accommodates up to 4 guests in a bunk bed with 2 twin beds and a queen size futon. The casita offers a spacious deck with a lounge setting where you can enjoy beautiful sunset views of Los Cayos, and La Parguera. Cayo Enriquito is centrally located right on the «Plaza» where there is live music on weekends, close to bars, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, Bio-Bay Tours, Scuba tours, and nightlife. This apartment is overlooking the street – guests will hear some noise at night from Friday to Saturday and that is part of the charm! Please know as you get closer to La Parguera you might encounter smaller/narrow roads, through some towns.

By staying at Cayo Enriquito, guests have access to an outdoor terrace/deck and lounge areas with beautiful views of Los Cayos @ La Paguera that is shared with the other apartments at Mangle Azul. We want all of our guests to enjoy the common areas and kindly ask you to please be courteous and considerate in your use of these amenities. Please make sure to follow the quiet hours mentioned under the House Rules and be mindful of others enjoying their stay at Mangle Azul. 

THIS PROPERTY *DOES NOT* HAVE PARKING. If you need parking, there are free and paid parking options within a 5-minute walk from the property. 


Cayo Enriquito is a small chic casita that is equipped with a full bathroom, kitchen, balcony & full-on deck. The living area features a queen-size futon & a side table is conveniently located alongside the kitchen. 



Cayo Enriquito is a studio apartment with a queen-size futon & twin beds. The futon bed is conveniently located next to the balcony & deck where you will admire the most beautiful sunset & Los Cayos views.



Cayo Enriquito has kitchenette style kitchen. The small but practical kitchen has a fridge, toaster, coffee maker, and microwave. It also has a convenient opening towards the balcony & living space.



There are many things to do in La Parguera, Puerto Rico. This part of the island is best known for its great attractions, natural reserves, and its beauty in general. La Parguera is a nature-lovers paradise with ample opportunities for snorkeling, diving, hiking, birdwatching, biking, and so much more. Here are our top picks that you will enjoy during your stay:

  1. Explore the large selection of local restaurants. Some of our favorites include Moon’s bar & tapas, La Casita Seafood, Brújula, El Turrumonte, Papo’s pinchos/Frituras Clara & many more.
  2. La Parguera in Lajas is a phenomenal destination for all things nature-related. There are mangrove reserves, nature reserves, and a bioluminescent bay, all of which combine for wonderful snorkeling & SCUBA.
  3. Experience the magic of the Bioluminescent Bays, there are two in La Parguera. Here you can snorkel or swim as the dinoflagellates light up around you.
  4. «Malecón» or the boardwalk is great to visit during the weekends. Great place for food, drinks, music, laughter & shopping too. 
  5. Visit La Parguera Nature Reserve is one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in Puerto Rico characterized by one of the most extensive and well-developed coral reefs on the island.
  6. Kayaking and Paddleboarding are excellent ways to explore the mangrove channels of La Parguera Nature Reserve.  The waters are calm along the mangroves, and kayakers of all levels can enjoy the waters.



While this property *does not* include parking, renting a car is a must to get to/from La Parguera. Once settled in at Cayo Enriquito, you will find everything that you will need a few steps away. At the town’s main square, you will find a lively atmosphere filled with food kiosks, live music, and beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. Also, there are many activities within 15 minutes of driving distance and the roads are easy to navigate.



West Indies strives to deliver top-notch service and amenities to guarantee our guests feel at home while visiting our properties. All of our properties are outfitted with freshly laundered bed linens and towels. We provide 2 bath towels per guest and 1 beach/pool towel per guest. Our properties typically include at least 2 beach chairs, and an ice cooler.

West Indies provides the disposable amenities necessary to get your vacation off to a comfortable start. These amenities include 1 set of hotel-size soaps and shampoos per bathroom, 3 garbage bags, 1 roll of paper towel, 2 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, 1 dish soap, and 1 dish sponge. We do not provide unlimited disposable amenities. It is your responsibility to review what is included in the property and stock with whatever else may be needed for the duration of your stay. 



  • Check-in time is at 4:00 pm
  • Check-out time is at 11:00 am
  • NO SMOKING: Smoking is strictly prohibited. A smoking fee of $500 will be charged if violated.
  • NO PETS: No pets are allowed at any time. A $300 fine will be charged if violated and you will be expelled from the property.
  • The host will not pay for a hotel, vacation rental, or transportation expenses incurred because of an interruption in water or electrical service.  If water or electricity is interrupted for more than 3 hours, guests have the option of canceling their reservation and requesting a refund for the nights not used. Under no circumstances will we refund consumed nights.
  • All bookings are contingent on signing a short-term rental agreement that will be sent via email. It must be signed within 48 hours of booking or before entering the property, whichever happens first.
  • Maximum occupancy of 5 adults/children at all times. This includes visitors. 
  • Max. occupancy is strictly enforced and exceeding it may result in immediate cancellation of booking or being expelled from the property.
  • Towels and linens must only be used for their intended purpose. Do not stain them with food, grease or any other substance. Do not use towels to clean up any mess. Stained towels/linens will be charged. 
  • Subletting not allowed
The West Indies Vacation Rental staff is eager to ensure everything about your vacation is 5-star. Once you reserve, our Vacation Planning Team will send you detailed property information, suggestions on where to eat and what to do, as well as the contact information of your Guest Services manager that will be available to assist you during your stay. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want additional suggestions and expert opinions on what to do during your vacation. We want to make your experience the best it can be!



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11 Evaluaciones

5 calificación de estrellas

February 23, 2023 por DANIEL ORTIZ

4 calificación de estrellas

November 28, 2022 por Mayra Burgos

Perfect place to be. Very beautiful. Nice views, clean, close to everything. Great service.

June 20, 2022 por Yanira Mercader
Perfect place to be. Very beautiful. Nice views, clean, close to everything. Great service.

Very clean and amazing view!

June 13, 2022 por Francisco Fontanet
Very clean and amazing view!

5 calificación de estrellas

June 11, 2022 por Argelys Monserrate Cid

Good communication from the host, everything clean and great place to stay.

February 7, 2022 por Alejandro Torres
Good communication from the host, everything clean and great place to stay.

¡Excelente experiencia, volveríamos nuevamente!

January 23, 2022 por Ramon Rey
¡Excelente experiencia, volveríamos nuevamente!


January 9, 2022 por Omar Ramos


December 20, 2021 por Vanessa Ortiz

Great Host! Impecable cleanliness.

September 27, 2021 por Marina Diaz
Great Host! Impecable cleanliness.

Callo laurel was big enough for my daughter and the kids the had a good time the location was excellent…

July 1, 2021 por Hector Morales
Callo laurel was big enough for my daughter and the kids the had a good time the location was excellent


La Parguera, Lajas, PR
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