Great location, room excellent
Lori Wander Aguada, Puerto Rico
Lovely accommodations and supreme location!
Alicia Rebensdorf Aguada, Puerto Rico

Villa Playa Espinar | 2 bedroom suite with breathtaking ocean views!

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Aguada, Puerto Rico, PR
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Villa Playa Espinar is a recently remodeled spectacular 2 bedroom suite located in Aguada literally steps from Table Rock Beach. The building’s unique and uniform architectural style is inspired by the Greek Islands. You will love it’s beautiful arched windows, whitewashed walls, and signature Santorini blue exterior. Features a kitchen with stovetop, bright living room, a dining table for 4, AC in the bedroom, and a flat-screen TV. You will never forget your stay in this boutique rental!

Villa Playa Espinar is located on the 2nd floor.


Enter the main floor and you are greeted with a small but practical living area. Conveniently located next to the stunning modern kitchen. The wide kitchen island is the perfect spot to entertain or just relax by the counter stools. Features a comfortable sofa, a flat-screen TV, Wifi, ceiling fan, and a balcony. 



Villa Playa Espinar is a two-bedroom apartment. Each bedroom features a queen size bed, proper nightstands with individual lamps, and a closet to accommodate your belongings. It has a grand full-size private bathroom with a shower.



Villa Playa Espinar features a beautiful modern kitchen. It’s modern, simple yet eclectic finishes with a mosaic backsplash and light wood cabinets with white quartz countertops. The kitchen is stocked for all your cooking needs. Includes a fridge, microwave, toaster, stovetop, accessories, and coffee maker. The kitchen does not have an oven. 



Things to do

  1. Since Aguada shares a coastline with Aguadilla and Rincón, the beaches in this town are equally stunning. The most famous is Balneario Pico de Piedra, a stretch of sandy beach that’s ideal for swimming and hanging out with the family.
  2. Most of the other beaches in Aguada, including Playa Aguada, Playa Mameyito, Playa Espinar, and Playa Río Grande are equally as gorgeous with crystalline waters and smooth white sand.
  3. Playa Cañones is one of the most popular places in Aguada, not for the warm waters or dark sand, but for the ruins of canyons that date back to World War II. These canyons were built as part of a strategy to protect the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, and the Ramey military base in Aguadilla during the military conflict.
  4. Located on the west coast of Puerto Rico, Aguada, Playa Table Rock Beach is a true surfers’ beach. With waves typically ranging from 6-20ft, this beach is only recommended for experienced surfers. Swimming is not advised here due to these conditions. That being said, it is still a beautiful, quiet beach perfect for relaxing.
  5. The PR-115 road leads right to Pico de Piedra beach where it forks: one-way heads to the town of Rincón, and the other continues along the Aguada coast. In both directions, there are dozens of different restaurants and bars to choose from, many of them right on the oceanfront. Following this road will also take you to La Cruz de Colón, a picturesque plaza with a white cross in the center marking where Columbus disembarked in 1493.
  6. Although not exactly an ancient historical site, the Aguada Pyramid is one of Puerto Rico’s coolest hidden gems. Inspired by Mayan architecture, Nelson Ruiz and Emiliano Matos built it in 2009 as part of their interest in ancient civilizations and to serve as the final resting place for Ruiz and his wife.
  7. Just a short drive away from Aguada you’ll find Salto Atalaya, a beautiful waterfall also known as Salto La Loca. There are multiple ponds for swimming at the waterfall itself, but if you hike up the mountain, then you’ll find one of the best natural infinity pools in Puerto Rico.
  8. Chocolate lovers can’t skip Hacienda Jeanmarie Chocolate, one of the most popular places in Aguada. This cacao farm offers tours to taste and learn about the crafting process of locally-made chocolate, but they only run during the weekends so make sure to call ahead and book a space in advance.
  9. If you’re looking for a condensed area with a ton to do, then the Guaniquilla coast is a great place to go. Besides being home to beautiful sunsets, this family-friendly area on the coast features sculptures, restaurants, local crafts, food kiosks, and top beaches like Playa Espinar, Playa Mameyito, and Playa Guaniquilla.
  10. History lovers can’t miss a stop at Central Coloso, an abandoned sugar mill that reflects the importance of the sugar cane industry in Puerto Rico during the 19th century. Coloso was active until 1998, becoming the last active sugar mill in Puerto Rico, and in 1999, the government declared the abandoned structure a historical monument.

Places to Eat:

  1. El Galeón Restaurant: Located on a scenic beachfront locale, El Galeón is a family-friendly restaurant in Aguada. El Galeón specializes in fresh seafood and meats.
  2. Waves Seafood Restaurant: Oceanfront family-friendly seafood restaurant. 
  3. Cava Baja: summarizes in its menu the most emblematic dishes of international cuisine, and presents them with some touches of Puerto Rican cuisine. Authentic paellas, fresh fish, mofongos, and delicious cuts of meat. Poultry, rice dishes, homemade desserts, and a wine list with more than 200 labels round off our offer.
  4. The Island Bar & Restaurant: Family and cozy restaurant, with a view of the sea, with the lullaby of the waves, where you can enjoy your favorite drinks or dishes. The menu includes mofongo, meats, fresh fish, and all kinds of seafood.
  5. Me «Latte» un Capricho (breakfast): creative breakfast restaurant. 



This property is located in Aguada, you will need a car to explore the island and all the amazing beaches. The building has six (6) apartments, but only five (5) parking spaces are available. Parking spaces are first come first serve. If by any chance all parking spaces are taken, you can park across the street by the side of the road. Please make sure other cars aren’t being blocked.



West Indies strives to deliver top-notch service and amenities to guarantee our guests feel at home while visiting our properties. All of our properties are outfitted with freshly laundered bed linens and towels. We provide 1 bath towel per guest and 1 beach/pool towel per guest. Our properties typically include at least 2 beach chairs and an ice cooler.

West Indies provides the disposable amenities necessary to get your vacation off to a comfortable start. These amenities include 1 set of hotel-size soaps and shampoos per bathroom, 3 garbage bags, 1 roll of paper towel, 2 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, 1 dish soap, 1 dish sponge, and a small amount of laundry detergent. We do not provide unlimited disposable amenities. It is your responsibility to review what is included in the property and stock with whatever else may be needed for the duration of your stay


  • Check-in time is at 4:00 pm
  • Check-out time is at 11:00 am
  • NO SMOKING: Smoking is strictly prohibited. A smoking fee of $500 will be charged if violated.
  • NO PETS: No pets are allowed at any time. A $300 fine will be charged if violated and you will be expelled from the property.
  • All bookings are contingent on signing a short-term rental agreement sent via email. It must be signed within 48 hours of booking or before entering the property, whichever happens first.
  • Maximum occupancy of 4 adults/children at all times. This includes visitors. 
  • Max. occupancy is strictly enforced, and exceeding it may result in immediate cancellation of booking or being expelled from the property.
  • Quiet hours from 10 pm to 8 am, no parties or noisy activities during these hours.
  • Towels and linens must only be used for their intended purpose. Do not stain them with food, grease, or any other substance. Do not use towels to clean up any mess; stained towels/linens will be charged.
  • Subletting not allowed
  • Do not hang towels from the balcony or windows.



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3 Evaluaciones


May 2, 2023 por Lori Wander
Great location, room excellent


April 7, 2023 por Alicia Rebensdorf
Lovely accommodations and supreme location!


January 5, 2023 por Kevin Strick
Not that good, Had plumbing leak in kitchen, drain running backward and loose. The electric on demand hot water tank tripped breakers, ultimately having no hot water for showers the entire time. Kitchen faucet spray would not retract because there


Aguada, Puerto Rico, PR
18.39997 -67.18681
Villa Playa Espinar | 2 bedroom suite with breathtaking ocean views! imagen del mapa

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